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Private Courtyard

Great Coffee

Our Coffee Beans

Responsibly Sourced

All our beans are responsibly sourced and are 100% Arabica. The beans have been carefully selected to create a strong, balanced and consistent cup of espresso coffee every time.


Home Roasted

The roasting process happens in our own roasting shed at home and the aroma that puffs out around our neighborhood when we roast is superb!


Quality Beans

Our coffee blend is entirely unique to The Fix. We small batch roast our beans a couple of times a week to supply not only the café but also corporate and personal customers for their own machines.


Enjoy Great Coffee In Our Vibrant Cafe

Located on Frederick Street, in the North of Dunedin CBD, The Fix has been a quiet success story for many years. The Fix courtyard is our little secret. Nestled at the rear of the cafe, it is a great sunny spot to escape the daily bustle. We hand roast fair-trade beans to create the Fix’s own unique blend, which is renowned in Dunedin.

The Fix Coffee
The Fix Coffee
The Fix Coffee
The Fix Coffee

The Fix Coffee


Stay Up To Date With The Fix

Corporate Orders

Want freshly roasted beans? Ground the way you like? Delivered to your workplace?

We deliver within Dunedin, so drop us an email for a quote. Organise a regular delivery or contact us when you want to order.

Corporate rates available.Delivery in the Dunedin area is free and we can quote for those further afield.


Art and Exhibitions

Our cafe has a gallery where we display art from local artists around Dunedin. Come check out what’s on our walls or contact us if you have something you want to display!


Did You Know?

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, only surpassed by crude oil.

Coffee most likely dates back to 800AD when goat herders noticed their goats appeared to "dance" after eating the fruit that we now make coffee from.

Coffee beans are actually seeds!

But First, Coffee

You can buy your fix of beans from our store or order your coffee and food online!


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